03.07.12 Third DCA Says Millionaire Must Pay Ex-wife’s Attorneys’ Fees, Daily Business Review
09.29.10 Six-Week Trial Begins as Potamkins Fight to Carve $112 Million Estate, Daily Business Review
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03.01.10 Jude Law Finally Meets Model Samantha Burke to Discuss Child Support Arrangements For Their Five-Month-Old Daughter, DailyMail.com
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03.01.10 Jude Law: Un Papa Qui Assume, fr.news.yahoo.com
03.01.10 Jude Law Finalmente Conhece a Filha de Cinco Meses, br.buzz.yahoo.com
02.23.09 Court Papers Show Billionaire Owned $100 Million in Planes, Daily Business Review
02.21.09 Stanford Had Planes and a Castle, Court Papers Show, Bloomberg.com
10.10.08 A-Rod lists Gables Home for $14.8 mil, The Miami Herald
09.19.08 A-Rod, wife Cynthia reach amicable settlement, ESPN
07.23.08 Team Expansion, The Miami Herald
07.13.08 A-Rod’s Go-Go Gal in ‘Home’ Run, New York Post
07.08.08 A-Rod in the midst of a soap opera divorce, USA Today
07.07.08 A-Rod’s Wife Hurls Splitter, New York Post
07.07.08 A-Rod’s Wife Files for Divorce, CBSNews.com
07.07.08 A-Rod’s Wife Alleges Infidelity in Divorce Papers, People Magazine
07.07.08 As Wife Files, A-Rod Hires Shaq’s Divorce Attorney, The Miami Herald
07.07.08 A-Rod’s Wife: Divorce Over ‘Extramarital Affairs,’ The Miami Herald
07.07.08 A-Rod’s Wife Files for Divorce in Miami, Fox Sports
07.06.08 Cynthia Rodriguez will end marriage with Alex Rodriguez, New York Post
07.06.08 A-Rod’s Wife to File for Divorce in Miami on Monday, The Miami Herald
07.01.08 Florida’s Top Attorneys by Practice Area, 2008, Florida Trend
07.15.07 Conde’ Nast Chief’s Wife Files for Divorce in Dade, The Miami Herald
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10.15.06 Anchors Aweigh! Divorce Gets Heated, The Miami Herald
07.02.06 It’s a Split Screen: Anchors Divorcing, The Miami Herald
06.22.06 The Deadly Side of Family Law: For lawyers and judges, the potential for danger lurks just below every courtroom clash, American Lawyer Media’s Law News
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11.03.04 ‘In Fear’ of His Wife, Personal Injury Lawyer Seeks Divorce, The Miami Herald
12.24.03 Radio Mogul’s Divorce Battle Comes to an End, The Miami Herald
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11.20.97 Threats, Violence Becoming Commonplace for Divorce Lawyers, ABA Journal
11.03.97 Settlements End Tangle of Paternity Suits, The Miami Herald
01.29.97 Mum’s the Word: Mas, Women Settle Paternity Suit, The Miami Herald
11.28.96 Mas’ Paternity Suit Ordered Heard Again, The Miami Herald
10.01.96 What Really Makes Marriage Last, Good Housekeeping
06.17.96 Dawson May Pay for Playing the Field, The Miami Herald
05.23.96 Love and Cuba: The tangled saga of Jorge Mas Canosa and the woman who swears she bore his child, Miami New Times
12.29.95 Judge Tosses Mas Canosa Paternity Suit Out of Court, The Miami Herald
07.15.95 Exile Leader Mas Canosa Facing Paternity Lawsuit, The Miami Herald
05.13.94 Game-Show King’s Divorce . . . on the Next Oprah, New York Post
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10.07.83 Lawyer’s Traffic Plan Runs Into Roadblock, The Miami Herald  
n/a Divorce Can be Hard on the Family Dog, PetPlace.com

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